You Can’t Master Your Nutrition in a Month!

by | Feb 27, 2021

You can go online right now and search for a “clean eating meal plan” and follow it to find weight loss, improved energy, less stress, etc.  Anyone can.  So why are there LOTS of people still striving for better nutrition??   Because most people haven’t figured out that they don’t just need nutrition education, but they need nutrition APPLICATION.


You can’t “master” your nutrition in a month.  Why?  Because nutrition is about WAY MORE than what food is nutritious to eat.  It’s more than having a perfect plan & recipe book.  It’s more than meals & snacks.  Nutrition is a part of your LIFE.  When you want to successfully “eat better” & FEEL better, there are a lot more things to work on than just the food alone!


Nutrition change takes time.  All things worth doing take time.  You didn’t “fall off the wagon” overnight, so it’ll TAKE TIME to relearn how to get back on the wagon & stay on the wagon moving forward!


That’s why I typically work with my 1:1 nutrition coaching clients for about 6-9 months.  Change takes time, & we produce transformations.  We start building awareness of current food habits & routines which lead us to setting small goals for change that are individualized.  The consistency of change & new habits will lead to results.  And WHEN, not if, barriers & roadblocks are hit, we work together to find solutions (& new ideas) to keep moving forward.  That’s how you’ll get to the end goal of maintenance so you are successful & confident to do these things without me for the rest of your life.


So the next time you are frustrated you aren’t seeing results after following a diet plan for 3 weeks… remember, it is SO MUCH MORE than that.  Know that anything worth fighting for takes effort & time… it’ll be so worth it in the end!



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