Yes, Diets Work

by | Feb 15, 2022

You hear it all the time…

“I did keto & lost 20 pounds.”

“I’ve joined Weight Watchers & have been able to finally lose the weight.”

“I was able to lose 10 pounds this month following this meal plan.”

Yes, diets can work.

If you declare a diet “works” because weight loss was achieved regardless of the consequences, then, yes, diets work.  But, is this a good definition, a safe definition, a definition that should be followed?


Yes, diets work.  BUT, is the weight loss sustainable?  Was your mental health compromised?  Can you see yourself committing to this diet FOREVER?


Yes, diets work.  But, trust me, your relationship with food & body will suffer.  You’ll learn to ignore hunger cues, follow specific food rules, eat only during specific time frames, & eliminate certain foods & food groups to meet your goal.


These learned behaviors are so detrimental to your overall health.  They will not serve you for the long haul regardless of what the number on the scale says.


If you’re struggling to find happiness, confidence, energy, stress management, & control in your life… it won’t be found on a diet (click to read more on the WHY) & it actually won’t be found at your goal weight either.


If this resonates with you, you are not alone, and I promise you, you are worth WAY MORE than a number, & you deserve a heck of a lot more than a crappy diet.


If you are READY to take control of your health & make a change without dieting once & for all, hit REPLY so we can chat more about you & your goals & figure out a SUSTAINABLE, enjoyable, & achievable path forward.

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