Why You Should Still Work on Goals through the Holidays!

by | Nov 16, 2020

When the holidays come around, people are more stressed in general.  And when you are stressed, it is easy to let your goals fall by the wayside.  It’s easy to just “restart next year” or set New Year’s resolutions to kick-start yourself in the right direction next year.  However, I’m here to tell you, you SHOULD KEEP WORKING on your health goals during the holidays.  And here’s why…


The momentum created NOW will become progress in the future!  Some people think the “holidays” last from November 1 – January 1… and since they plan on indulging in some of their favorite treats (which they SHOULD), they believe they’ll be more “successful” if they just wait to begin after the new year.

What if I told you that there are likely only 8-10 days out of the next two months that you’ll even be at holiday parties or gatherings?  And out of those days, you’ll likely only have 1 specialty dinner, meal, or dessert that is outside of your normal daily routine for each of those days?  Come January 2nd, are you going to be happy with yourself that you delayed kick-starting your health goals for only the fear of 8 MEALS that may be outside of your goals?

Seems like an insignificant reason to stay put instead of TAKING ACTION!  Remember, moving forward, even with some barriers, is still MOVING in the direction you want to go.  So shift your mindset & ALLOW yourself to take IMPERFECT action now so you can already be in a better place come the start of 2021.  You will mentally thank yourself in the future too!

Having a PLAN & having goals set will also keep you focused during the holidays.  Working on exercise, healthy eating, or another goal will also (hopefully) keep you less stressed on the frivolous issues of the holidays as well… a win-win.

And lastly, when making your goals, WRITE THEM DOWN.  Making them visible, makes them real.  Making them real, makes you hold yourself more accountable.  And when you are accountable, that’s when the changes can happen!

So instead of allowing yourself to give up this holiday season, do the exact opposite.  Stay on track & you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself without having the guilt of starting off 2021 in the dumps.


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