Why You Aren’t a Failure

by | Dec 3, 2020

“I was bad this past week!”  

“I didn’t follow my diet… I’m such a failure!”  

“I didn’t lose any weight yesterday – I failed again!”  

It’s time to quit the FAILURE talk.  If something doesn’t work out as planned or go as planned, your first assumption shouldn’t be that you failed.  Instead, ask WHY did you fail?

Were you trying to maintain a strict 1200 calorie diet?  Were you following the Keto diet even though you LOVE dairy & fruits?  Were you doing another quick-fix juice cleanse & found yourself craving food so much you started “sneaking” it in?

Most diets, cleanses, & 30-day challenges are TOUGH to follow.  So, reframe your mindset & realize that… these diets have actually FAILED you.  Yes, you may get the weight loss results you want, but did you do it in a healthy manner & sustainable manner for YOU?  Quick fixes don’t help you develop a strong foundation or healthy relationship with food, which leads to you falling back into old habits… which leads to guilt… which leads to those feelings of failure.  

Moving forward, remember that failure is FEEDBACK.  In order to move forward on your journey, take your “failures” and adjust to keep moving forward.  You sometimes need to experiment with what works & what doesn’t work.  This is the best way to figure out your best path for continued success.  

When working with my clients we check-in weekly for accountability & to see how progress is going.  If it is good… we continue on the same path.  If it is bad, no sweat… we reassess, adjust to try something different & CONTINUE to move forward.  There are many different ways to go from point A to B, and you are worth it to find out your way!

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