Why Waiting is Hurting You

by | Dec 21, 2021

If you are even thinking about making a change, whether it be better nutrition, fitness, lifestyle behaviors, or even sleep, start now.  You will not regret it.  Giving yourself permission to “start in 2022” is giving yourself permission to stay in place… to NOT grow… to fall victim to the millions of excuses you tell yourself daily for WHY you shouldn’t start now.

Mindset is everything.  You need to BELIEVE in yourself first.  BELIEVE you can change.  BELIEVE you can meet your goals… before you ever start.  From there, change becomes a whole lot easier.

So yes, I agree the holidays are hectic, but how amazing will you feel once 2022 rolls around & you already have a couple of days under your belt of having made changes?!

Need some quick tips for making your busy days more controlled so that your goals, habits, & behaviors can be better implemented as well?  Keep reading…


  • Always have a water bottle on hand.

    We are better people when we’re hydrated.  We make better choices when we’re hydrated.  Carry it around always!  Don’t let it leave your side!


  • Schedule & stick with your meal times & snacks. 

    It’s easy to “forget to eat” when we’re busy.  Don’t do it!  You need fuel more than ever around this time of year.


  • Sleep is SOO important.

    Don’t skimp on it!


  • Give yourself at least 15 minutes each evening to do something for YOU

    … reading, journaling, yoga, stretching, exercise, meditation, crafting, walking, doing a crossword, etc.  You have to fill your cup first before you can fill everyone else’s cups.



Taking ACTION always beats standing still.  There is no one “right” time to get started, so bite the bullet & make that time now.  Invest in yourself – you’ll never regret it.

Who’s ready to change their life this year?!  Reply back “YES!  ME!” if you’re ready to make 2022 your best year yet!

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