Why Meal Plans Aren’t Enough

by | Dec 15, 2020

Getting the perfect meal plan with everything you should eat & drink Monday through Sunday seems like an amazing idea… especially if you are new to healthy eating and don’t know where to start.  However, even THE BEST meal plan on paper won’t get you the results you crave if you don’t know how to APPLY it into your lifestyle in a sustainable way.  Are you wanting to make a nutrition change?  Before you ask for a 7-day meal plan from some fitfluencer… here’s why meal plans aren’t enough & why they will most likely fail YOU!

  1. There is zero accountability

A one-sheet meal plan & a one-n-done phone call does not provide ongoing support & accountability.  You already know grilled chicken is healthier for you than a fudge sundae.  But just knowing what to do isn’t enough… or you’d be doing it already!  Meal plans are abundant, & you can Google one right now & have it for FREE!  Most meal plans aren’t sustainable even if they can produce results.  What you need is a system that not only produces results but also helps with real world application.

2. There is lack of flexibility

Most meal plans have a rigid structure of meals and snacks & when to fit them in… however, is that realistic for you?  You need a nutrition plan that is going to fit into YOUR lifestyle… not the other way around!  Anyone can eat a certain way for a few days… even weeks, but what happens after that?  There is no long-lasting education on what happens next!  And if you need flexibility for work, work travel, the holidays, & vacation… forget it!

3. There are too many food rules

A lot of cookie cutter meal plans out there include “good” versus “bad” foods, which creates a poor mindset when approaching healthy eating.  You’ll be setting yourself up psychologically in an unhealthy place.  If you plan to incorporate this for the long-haul, you NEED to have a healthy relationship with food… it is essential.  If a meal plan you are about to start comes with a list of “do not eat” rules, this is probably not the best plan for you.

So what’s the take home message?  Lack of information is not the reason individuals fail with nutrition & lifestyle change… application is.  If you are serious about making a health change, you need to not only be educated on proper food choices for your goals, but you will also need to learn how to apply it in your life.  You will need to gain confidence to make your own food choices for the long haul.  This is exactly what I do with my nutrition clients.  Are you ready to FINALLY find something that works for you?  Email me at info@nicoleolenrdn.com to tell me a little more about you & your goals!

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