Why Diets Aren’t the Answer?

by | Feb 16, 2019

I dislike the word DIET.  Almost as much as hearing people talking about “doing this diet” or “taking this pill, supplement, powder, shake, etc.”… as dietitians, we know these products are NEVER keys to long-term success!  Yes, you can follow anything for a month or two… but what do you do after that?  What have you learned about nutrition and real food that you can apply to your lifestyle for the long run?

Through my nutrition counseling business, I work with a VARIETY of clients on their health and nutrition goals.  Every client is different, so every route I take with my clients is going to be personalized to their individual needs.  This is what leads to success!

I usually get asked my opinion on certain diets, health foods, etc. but instead of focusing on those items, I always tie it back to these three key factors when creating a new lifestyle change…


  1. PRACTICE MINDFUL EATING – Healthy eating is way more than just the food you consume. It is all about listening to your body, understanding your hunger cues, and realizing the “why” and “when” of eating.  When these factors are unveiled, clients can more confidently understand their habits and build better and healthier habits from there.
  2. HAVE PATIENCE – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your health goal won’t be solved overnight either. I have a lot of clients that are looking for weight loss, and while it may be tempting to jump on a “too good to be true diet” to lose the pounds fast… you’ll be doing your body more harm than good!  It takes 2-3 weeks for a new habit to become naturally part of your routine. And a healthy weight loss is only losing 1-2 pounds a week.  While this pace may seem slow, you’ll be able to keep it off which is WAY more important in the long run!
  3. AVOID RESTRICTIONS – The more you avoid a food, the more likely you will crave that same food. Instead of ever labeling certain foods or food groups as “off limits”, allow your body to indulge (moderately) in these items when you have a true craving.  By reframing your mindset and allowing for an occasional treat in your lifestyle, you will be free of the guilt typically associated with this indulgent eating. And as a bonus… you will no longer OVERLY crave your trigger foods as they aren’t “taboo” anymore.


Are you ready to break through your diet stigmas? Want to build a healthier lifestyle without being tied down to a strict diet & without eliminating your favorite foods?  Let’s talk!


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