Why Can’t I Stop Snacking at Night?

by | Jun 9, 2021

“Nicole, why can’t I stop snacking at night?”… is a common question I hear from clients & people I chat with.  Can you relate?

There’s no one right answer, but you are not alone.  If you’ve ever felt this way, REMEMBER it doesn’t have anything to do with your “lack of self-control” or “lack of willpower”!  Instead, you must get feedback behind the WHY of your snacking.  The next time you feel this way, approach the situation as so…


From my experience, when you are wanting to snack, it is because of one of these three things.  Ask yourself which you relate to most…

  1. You’re actually hungry! Great!  The solution… you should probably eat. But, why are you hungry?  It could be a variety of things… your meals weren’t balanced earlier, you didn’t get enough protein or fiber in, you forgot to eat meals, you didn’t eat enough, etc.  Remember, you should never feel guilty for being hungry, instead, make sure to identify where you may need to eat more earlier in the day, & this will likely help your cravings later on!  Quick tip?  Pair two macronutrients (protein, carb & fat) together when snacking to feel fuller longer.
  2. It is a HABIT! You’ve built a routine & your body wants and expects a snack… whether you’re hungry or not.  Going back to number 1, if you are hungry, eat… but if you feel like your snacking habit is affecting your goals, it may be time to adjust it!  Identifying that it is a habit is half the battle, then you’ll just need to focus on building a new habit instead!
  3. You snack for COMFORT! Who has ever snacked for relaxation at night?!  YEP, EVERY SINGLE PERSON!  But, are you relying too much on food for relaxation?  Is it an everyday thing?  Is this comfort food affecting your goals?  If so, what else do you find comfort in?  Could you stretch, do yoga, read, or journal to wind down from the day?  Could you call a loved one or friend?  Remember, you can find comfort in things outside of food too!


Once you figure out your WHY from the three things above, you now have the tools to make a successful change.  Saying “I’m just not going to snack at night” is not the answer!  It doesn’t work!  You must address your WHY head-on so that you don’t fall back into habits you’re trying to adjust!


Do you struggle with snacking?  Do you need help making a new habit?  Hit REPLY to let me know which WHY above you can relate to most when it comes to snacking!


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