What’s Your Dinner Routine?

by | Oct 29, 2020

We all eat dinner!  But, we all may not have the same dinner routine… and that’s okay!  One thing I’ve found by working with my nutrition coaching clients is that it is ESSENTIAL to build a healthy eating plan around your family’s schedule in order to succeed.  Too many people try to follow the “perfect meal plan” and don’t factor in life… think social events, holidays, kids’ sports, dining out for work, travel, etc.  So when you are hit with one of these road bumps, and your “perfect meal plan” doesn’t account for FLEXIBILITY, you feel like a “failure”… which is not cool!

Instead, it is time to flip your mindset & learn to excel in the chaos of life.  Here are some simple dinner routine tips that may work for you so that you feel in control of your food choices.  Give them a shot!

  1. Stick to your schedule – look at your week ahead and identify when you’ll be able to dine at home versus dining out… and then make note of days you can prepare a more “elaborate” meal like meatloaf, roasted potatoes, and veggies versus days for quick meals like a veggie omelet with whole-wheat toast. Having this mapped out will make your life less stressful & you’ll be more confident in sticking to the plan.
  2. Ditch the distractions – eating in front of a TV, phone or computer leads to “mindless” eating… the exact opposite that you should be striving for. MINDFUL EATING is linking your brain & hunger cues to help you make the best choices for food, cooking, & eating throughout the day.  And most importantly, you’ll be more conscious of everything you are putting INTO YOUR MOUTH if you are eating mindfully.  You’ll be less likely to overeat which is a plus too.
  3. Chew slowly & drink more water – we tend to eat faster the busier we are. I’m guilty of this for sure!  Aim to put your silverware down between bites, sip water, & engage in family conversation to slow yourself down and allow your body to recognize fullness cues.  Water is essential, as we tend to feel hungrier when dehydrated.


What dinner routines do you follow with your family?  What works for you?  Email me at info@nicoleolenrdn.com to let me know!

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