What’s For Snack?

by | Jun 19, 2020

Snacking is ESSENTIAL.  When you go too long without eating, you get HANGRY… which leads to snacking hard later in the day & overeating at your next meal.  This can lead to stomach pain, bloat, & sluggishness in the long run.  So, how can you successfully bridge that gap from meal to meal?  Let me give you some options to SNACK on now!


Fruit & Veggies

I can’t write a post about snacking without including the obvious… fresh produce #FTW.  Simple & easy to grab, and if you are a person that doesn’t get enough fruit & veggies at mealtime, adding them to snacks is a no-brainer.  ALL FRUITS & VEGGIES are great so you do you and pick what you love so you’ll actually eat it.  Quick tip?  Pair your produce with something else to make a balanced snack.  Ideas include apple slices with peanut butter, carrot sticks and Greek yogurt-based ranch, pear with sliced cheddar cheese, peaches & cottage cheese, or bell pepper slices with salsa & avocado.



If you enjoy the convenience of a protein or snack bar, make sure to choose one low in ADDED SUGAR.  If you want to get a little protein too… choose one with at least 10 grams.  I love RXBAR because the ingredients are CLEAN (only whole food ingredients & 0 added sugars) & there are a lot of flavors.  EPIC makes good bars too, and if you don’t mind a little artificial sweetener, Quest Bars are flavorful too.  Don’t want a full bar?  Pair ½ a bar with a serving of fruit or veggies & then use the other half the next day.


Tuna Packs

If you don’t mind tuna, snacking on a pack of tuna is sooo easy & delicious.  Unlike the canned kind, the packs are portable & easy to scoop on-the-go.  There are a lot of good flavors out there like hot buffalo, sweet ‘n spicy, ranch, lemon pepper & herbs ‘n garlic.  About 15 grams of protein for less than 100 calories… not bad.  Pair with produce or a handful of whole-grain crackers for a complete snack.


Greek Yogurt

If you have access to a fridge, Greek yogurt is another great snack.  Aim for the nonfat, no sugar added varieties.  I like to buy the bulk containers to use for recipes & making smoothies, but the single-serving options are perfect for a snack or post-dinner dessert.  The Oikos Triple Zero line is one of the best – great flavors, 0 grams of added sugars, and zero sweeteners.  Try it out if you haven’t yet.  This yogurt is a perfect vessel for adding in a handful of crushed nuts & dried fruit before diving in.


So… what are you snacking on?



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