What’s For Lunch?

by | May 16, 2020

Breakfast is over, and now you get to look forward to LUNCH!  The midday meal can be HECTIC, especially if not planned out.  Just like breakfast, you want to choose a meal filled with quality carbohydrates, lean protein, high fiber, and some healthy fats.  Here are some ideas to try for lunch whether you prefer to meal prep ahead of time or prefer to throw something together right before you eat.

Protein-Packed Bowl

In a glass storage container, put ½ cup of either brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, or couscous for the base.  Then, add ½ – 1 cup of either black beans, grilled chicken, ground turkey, chickpeas, edamame, or tofu for a delicious protein.  Lastly, layer on WHATEVER cooked or raw veggies that sound good… onions, bell pepper, corn, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.  Season with any fresh herb or spices, and top with optional toppings like plain Greek yogurt, salsa, hummus, avocado, mustard, or cheese.  Serve warm or cold!

Sandwich… the OG

A STAPLE that is convenient and tasty!  Select your vessel – either two slices of whole-grain bread, pita, English muffin, wrap, or lettuce leaves.  Select your protein – lean chicken or turkey lunchmeat, beans, tuna, peanut butter, or eggs.  Add WHATEVER veggies that sound good, and drizzle with a healthy condiment like mustard, balsamic vinegar, salsa, or hummus.  Smashed or sliced avocado is great on sandwiches too.  Not a sandwich person?  Use the same guidelines and top on a bed of spinach or lettuce for a salad instead.

Baked Potato Bar

Cook a medium-sized baked potato or sweet potato for your base.  Once done, layer on shredded chicken, sliced lean beef, ground turkey, or beans for protein (about ½ cup).  Add WHATEVER veggies you have on hand that go with the meal, and incorporate those healthy condiments.


So, hopefully, you see a common thread here… quality carb, lean protein, and those VEGGIES… plus some healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocado, or olive oil.  BONUS… add a piece of fruit too, to round out the meal.  Making lunch doesn’t have to be complicated.  Use what you have, and make some meals ahead of time when you can.


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