What Your Nutrition Program Should Do for You

by | Jan 16, 2021

There is so much nutrition “noise” out there… so when looking for a place to start your nutrition goals, where do you turn?  What should you look for?  What’s going to work best?  What plan will work both for you and your family?


My biggest tip is… no matter what program or eating plan you choose, make sure it does the following for YOU:

  1. Offers sustainability – you not only want results in 3 months… but you want to maintain those results & changes for life.  ANYONE can achieve a weight loss goal in 60-90 days if they work really, really hard.  But, you need a program that goes BEYOND that & teaches you how to sustain it for the rest of your life ON YOUR OWN!
  2. Offers adaptability – you need a program that teaches you how to eat past a NORMAL week. What if you travel for work?  Go on vacation?  Get anxiety around the holidays?  Love to dine out… and your program doesn’t teach you how to eat outside of your home?  That’s a problem!  Following a food plan that is too restrictive won’t prepare you for REAL WORLD SITUATIONS!
  3. Makes you happy – yes, I said it.  Your nutrition program must be enjoyable, or it isn’t even worth starting!  Yes, you should still reach your results & goals on your eating plan, but the journey MUST be pleasant.  If you dread the meals & recipes you are eating & can’t wait for a “cheat day”… something is wrong.
  4. Keeps the whole family in mind – it’s not beneficial for the long-haul to participate in a different plan than your spouse & kids. It doesn’t role model good behaviors to the young ones & you’ll likely be more stressed if you have to prepare separate meals for the household.  Instead, find something that is going to work for EVERYONE.  Hint… the more inclusive & less restrictive… the better.


So remember, as you embark on your health journey, make sure to choose a path that is going to work for both you & your family.  At the end of the day, you should feel self-fulfillment with you nutrition program because YOU are putting the work in.  You are in the driver’s seat & control how fast you go. YOU & only you are making the results happen.


Let me know… what nutrition protocol are you currently following?



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