What Does Success Look Like For YOU?

by | Dec 29, 2020

You are entering 2021 with a full year of opportunity ahead of you!  Yes… your New Year’s Resolutions are set & you are ready to take action.  But wait!!  Did you ask yourself the KEY question….  “What does success look like for ME?”

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it isn’t, especially around the beginning of the year.  It is actually common to set goals & plans based on OTHER PEOPLE’S EXPECTATIONS… and not your own!  So, for the start of this year, do me a favor & sit down and REALLY reflect on what YOUR success looks & feels like.  This tool will help you identify what steps & actions really need to be taken to put your goals into effect & strive for outcomes YOU desire. 

Getting clear & focused on what you want builds confidence.  Once you find that extra confidence, you can more clearly attack your goals… it works hand-in-hand.   Here’s an example… say you are a busy mom that wants to lose weight… what does successfully losing weight look like for you?  Is it 5 pounds, 20 pounds, 50 pounds?  Or, is it not even about the NUMBER but more about the fit of your clothes, the confidence you exude, or the energy you will have for your family?  Everyone measures success differently, so one person’s successful weight loss will not be the same as another’s… and that is totally okay! 

That’s why it is ESSENTIAL to figure out exactly what success means to you so that you can measure it and track your progress on YOUR “SCALE” & not someone else’s guidelines.   What efforts are you going to put in DAILY to achieve the end results you crave?  Figuring THAT out is the key to your long-term success.

So, to sum it up,  success (YOUR SUCCESS) is measured through YOUR efforts, not outcomes.  Focus on the behaviors & habits of your ideal self, and progress will follow.  You can’t physically control things like the scale for weight loss, but you CAN control your attitudes & efforts… and THOSE strengths will lead to your victory!

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