Weight Loss Challenges are the Worst

by | Mar 30, 2022

Weight loss challenges are the worst.  I see it all the time in corporate offices, gyms, wellness centers, television, social media, & among friends, but these challenges are HURTING people more than helping them.


Why?  Weight doesn’t equal health.  Health doesn’t have a “look”.  And, forcing people to lose weight or body fat quickly encourages individuals to OVER exercise & UNDER nourish to get there.  Not cool.  Not sustainable.  And the opposite of healthy.


Too often, I see people aiming to lose weight, reach a smaller size, continue to shrink their waistline… however SMALLER does not equal better.  And smaller doesn’t always mean healthier either.  Please get that out of your head!


Instead of engaging in a 30- or 60-day challenge, it is WAY more beneficial to focus on incorporating lifestyle changes that are sustainable, achievable, & enjoyable.  Focusing on food & movement are typical go-to changes, but also, shining light on stress, sleep, self-care, & hydration habits can be just as beneficial (if not more!).



If you’re really working towards weight loss for health reasons, here are some tips for lasting weight loss success… & no it isn’t joining a weight loss challenge!


So, if you are tempted to join a weight loss challenge with your coworker because you think you’ll “finally lose the weight for good” … save yourself the stress, time, & money, because it is NOT going to serve you well.  As I said, weight loss challenges are the worst.



Let me know, what’s been your biggest takeaway here?  What’s something you try to focus on outside of the scale?  What’s a fun “challenge” you can do with friends that will build you up, not break you down?


And, if you’re not already a part of Nicole’s Nutrition Community on Facebook, get there!  Lots of additional trainings, education, tips, & support just for you!

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