Tips for Drinking More Water

by | Apr 12, 2022

Water – some people love it, some people hate it… but we all need to drink it!  If you struggle with getting consistent water daily, here are some tips for drinking more water.  Give them a shot!



Sometimes we need little reminders… especially if 3 pm rolls around & you realize you have yet to drink ANY water.  So, try setting hourly alarms or pings in your phone, computer calendar, or watch.  Download a water tracking app for support.  Especially in the beginning stages of training your body to drink more water, these reminders can be super beneficial.  Also, you may find it helpful to set a midday goal… for example, “I’ll drink 40 ounces of water by 12 pm.”  Chunking your time can make it seem more manageable.



Literally, carry a water bottle everywhere!  Set it by your desk, bring it to the gym, have it in the car… when it is in sight… you’re 100% more likely to drink it.  Don’t have a bottle, use your favorite tumbler, glass, or cup… whatever will help you WANT to drink more.  Some people claim to drink more when they are sipping from a straw, so give that a shot too!



Infused water with fruits or veggies can be a great way to give it a slight flavor.  Cucumbers, lemons, & limes are popular but don’t forget about berries, kiwi, & mango.  Herbs & spices like cinnamon sticks or mint add a nice touch too.  Making your own “fruity ice cubes” can be fun for the summer months especially.  All you need to do is pack partially thawed frozen fruit into an ice cube tray, top with a little water, freeze, & enjoy.   Flavor options are endless, so experiment away… this can be fun for kiddos too!



Remember, when trying to build a healthier lifestyle, water MATTERS… in addition to these other 3 things!


Let me know, do you struggle with water intake?  Which tip above will you give a try?


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