Time to Detox?

by | Jan 4, 2019

As the New Year begins, it seems everyone is talking about going on a “cleanse” or doing a “detox” to get back on track from the over-eating & over-drinking during the holidays.  People are purchasing shakes, pills, powders, and other bells and whistles in hopes of finding that quick fix.

Did you know that your body already comes equipped with an efficient detoxification system?  Save your money & your sanity.  Here’s how the body self-cleanses on its own.


Key Players

A “detox” is not a food, pill, or potion, but a vital & ongoing process for survival.  The human body eliminates wastes and toxins on its own with the liver and the kidney daily!

The liver has many functions like bile production, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, vitamin and mineral storage, and immune function, but it is also a major leader in detoxification.  The liver filters and removes unwanted compounds from the body automatically!  You don’t even need to worry about detoxing… your liver has your back!

The kidneys are master regulators – they regulate fluid and mineral balance in the body, hormones, and even blood filtration. They help regulate blood glucose levels too, which can be affected greatly by a poor diet.  The kidneys help bring you back to a balanced state, even when you haven’t been the best eater or drinker!


The Truth about Cleanses

There is no scientific evidence that any “cleanse” really benefits a person’s health.  Some cleanses can be low in nutrients and can increase fatigue, irritability, and cravings!  And your actual weight loss is likely due to calorie reduction, not the “detox” itself.

A better alternative to a cleanse?  Focus on consuming more fruits & vegetables, increasing your whole grain intake, hydrating with plenty of water, and eating a variety of lean and plant-based proteins plus healthy fats.  It is as simple as that!  Don’t buy that detox kit… just buy these healthy food choices at the grocery store!


Take Home Message

REAL FOOD heals, so choose it wisely and choose it often!



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