The Real Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight

by | Feb 15, 2021

Are you a busy mom wanting to lose weight, TRYING to lose weight, but feeling STUCK?!  Do you find yourself constantly racking your brain for a solution?  Asking yourself WHY ME?

Are you not eating enough fruits & vegetables?

Are you not exercising enough?

Are you not eating the right amount of calories?

Are you not drinking enough water?

Maybe… maybe these things are hindering you.  BUT, the number one reason most people aren’t losing weight with their efforts is lack of consistency & accountability!


When entering a weight loss journey or any health journey, there is no END DATE.  These new habits & lifestyle changes aren’t to be followed only until you cross a finish line.  They are to be built into your life for good!  Eating well & exercising is one thing, but consistency of those habits will keep you going strong.


And if the thought of long-term consistency scares you because you don’t want to follow a diet or meal plan forever, remember, I don’t want you to do that either!  You don’t have to be perfect to have great consistency with your habits.   Consistency isn’t about eating good versus bad or being perfect versus falling off the wagon… it is about putting in the effort each & every day & continuing on!


If you struggle keeping your habits going, you are not alone!  Lots of people struggle to find a path that works for them.  Here are 3 tips to combat your weight loss struggles:

  1. Be flexible – having an all or nothing mindset is going to hinder your weight loss journey more than help it! Know that restrictions aren’t good for you in the long run, so focus on INCLUSIONS of your must-haves early on.
  2. Set small goals – small wins daily, lead to big wins in the end. Setting too big of goals initially will lead to feelings of “being a failure” if you don’t reach them.  And BTW you aren’t a failure!
  3. Work with a coach – find someone to be accountable to & help you stay consistent. I have a business coach that I work with daily to keep me focused on my goals.  It is great to have a support system to keep me moving on when I’m struggling or feeling frustrated.



Remember your weight loss progress is different from your neighbor’s progress.  It doesn’t matter the speed – it isn’t a race.  Just keep going, don’t stop, & be proud of the healthy journey you’ve taken to build a solid foundation.


Need help staying consistent?  Need accountability?  Are you a mom ready to lose weight for good without restrictions?  Through a sustainable & enjoyable nutrition program with both you & your family in mind?  Email me at to tell me a little more about you & your goals!

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