The Best Time to Weigh Yourself

by | Jun 21, 2022

Want to know the best time to weigh yourself?  #truthbomb … If you are someone who is dying to know the answer to this question, you are probably weighing yourself TOO often & relying on the scale TOO much.

The scale is a tool.  The scale measure one value, your weight.  You & your health are worth SO much more.

I find my clients that focus too much on the scale have a history of getting discouraged on their health journey, jumping from diet to diet, & focusing on tracking calories, points, macros, etc. to meet a goal number… regardless of how it impacts their health & mental health along the way.

I personally never weigh myself, & I for sure do not use it to measure progress, results, or self-worth.  There are so many things that go into building a solid nutrition & health foundation.

That’s why with my clients we focus on the six pillars of wellness – nutrition, movement, stress management, hydration, sleep, & self-care.  These things, when worked on, will build not only a solid foundation, but a sustainable approach to long-term success… without dieting, tracking, or focusing on scales & weight.

Can you weigh yourself along the health journey?  Absolutely.  Is it okay to set a weight loss goal?  Of course!

BUT, before you do, get real with yourself & ask the following questions… How does the scale impact you?  Does it affect your day based on the number?  How does it change your attitude & mood?  SIT WITH THIS.

If you KNOW the scale makes you feel WORSE, it may be time to take a break from it.  Hide it.  Use your time to focus on your nutrition foundations & wellness pillars FIRST without weight distractions or trying to figure out the best time to weigh yourself.  Your future self will thank you.

Have any questions on getting started?  Let me know!  And if 1:1 coaching isn’t right for you, stay tuned for my self-paced Nutrition Foundations program launching soon that you can work through to build a solid foundation without dieting.  If you’ve been struggling, this is going to be the place to start!


And, if you’re not already a part of Nicole’s Nutrition Community on Facebook, get there!  Lots of additional trainings, education, tips, & support just for you!

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