The Best Diet of 2023

by | Jan 10, 2023

I love to use “The Best Diet of 2023…” as clickbait at the start of each year.  Why?   Because it seems people are ALWAYS looking for the perfect “fix”, diet, challenge, or lifestyle that will FINALLY help them get the results they are looking for.  So, what’s the best diet of 2023?  Well… you guessed it… not a diet at all but a compilation of new habits & routines.  Things that you can become CONSISTENT with to help you start feeling & moving better.  Click here for some other tips to get you started!

But, if you take anything away from this blog, it’s this… diets & challenges like 75 Hard, which may have some benefits from their protocols, are generally OVERKILL, not specific, & TOO RESTRICTIVE.  This type of diet, while “fun” to try to maintain & reach, will 100% put your mental health at risk & will 100% create a poor relationship with food & activity.  I would never recommend a client doing something this extreme (because it is totally unnecessary), & I would never wish it upon you either!

As a part of my Nutrition Foundations program, we discuss the key pillars of wellness that keep you feeling your best.  These pillars include nutrition, hydration, self-care, sleep, stress management, & movement.  By finding health-promoting behaviors to focus on from each of these categories, you’ll easily begin moving in a direction to help you start feeling better NOW!

For example, if you’re focusing on the pillar of nutrition, you may start incorporating ONE more servings of veggies each day.  Maybe you focus on eating 3 meals & 1-2 snacks each day routinely.  Maybe you focus on trying to get at least 20 grams of protein at each meal.  There are lots of directions you can go with this… you just need to make it personal to you & make sure it is something that is achievable & enjoyable to fit into your lifestyle.

My tip to get started… focus on ONE.  What’s ONE thing you can change or add to your nutrition to start feeling better now.  Can you do ONE thing to start gaining back your energy?  What’s ONE thing you can plan or prep to make your weeks easier?  Start there.

And if you need help figuring out WHAT you need & the direction to go, that’s exactly what I do & how I coach my clients.  I’m here for you, so reach out when you are ready.  Hit REPLY & let me know what one goal you’ll be focusing on!

And remember, if you’re considering 75 Hard or other diets, let’s chat about other options that are sustainable, safe, & that will actually help you reach your health goals!  And THAT would be your best diet of 2023!


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