The Best Diet for Weight Loss

by | Jul 19, 2022

Looking for the best diet for weight loss?  Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet under the sun but STILL haven’t found the results you desire?  If this is YOU, all the DIETS may actually be holding you back.  Diets don’t work for the long haul.  Why?  Here are some of the biggies…


If you set out to lose weight by following a “good food versus bad food” list… you’re not setting yourself up for success.  Having items “off-limits” is a surefire way to eventually crave all those forbidden things.  You don’t need to cut your calories to the extreme, limit the hours of when you can eat, or eliminate certain food groups to find results.  In fact, finding a more realistic approach that factors in LIFE (social things, family, work, time) will allow you to SUSTAIN the process, which is key.  It has been proven that the more we restrict, the more we crave… & the more we develop a poorer relationship with food.  Food should be enjoyable, & diets are far from pleasurable… so just don’t!


Things like “Whole 30” or “75 Hard” or “8-Week Challenges” are too short a period of time to instill long-term change.  They have a set END DATE, & challengers push to the extremes to get to the finish line… & then what?  What skills & habits have been learned?  What tools can be used & carried over in everyday life for the full year?  Likely, not much!  We shouldn’t set a time limit on our health. Instead, we need to figure out how we can balance nutrition habits that fuel us & make us FEEL good with other enjoyable habits & foods that make us feel happy.  Instead of squeezing everything into 1-2 months & trying to change everything at once… enjoy the process & make SMALL habit changes that can be repeated to create consistency.  Those little consistencies WILL stick & lead to results.


If you are a self-proclaimed “chronic dieter”, chances are you’ve struggled in the past with making healthy nutrition changes.  But, you are not alone!  If you just blindly follow a diet or meal plan without understanding the WHY behind your food choices & without factoring in the HOW to fit it in your lifestyle, you’ll never succeed.  And, it isn’t your fault at all… it is the DIET’S fault for not providing you a solid foundation, accountability, or support to layer new habits & skills upon.   Instead of giving up & starting a new diet, find a program that will support you & provide that accountability you NEED to get through the tough times… the times you want to “give up”.  If you want to create an environment for success, this step can’t be skipped.


Diets can CONTROL you.  Don’t let them.  Instead, start by jotting down EXACTLY what “healthy” looks like & FEELS like for you.  WHY do you want those things in your life?  WHY do you want those changes now?  Spelling this out for yourself can fuel you to move forward.  So, looking for the best diet for weight loss still?  No such thing, but here are some more ways for sustainable results!

Are you missing that accountability & support in your journey?  What goals are you struggling to reach? Hit REPLY – let’s chat!

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