The 3 MOST Important Concepts on a Health Journey

by | Nov 9, 2021

No, it isn’t calories in versus calories out… it’s not how many days a week you engage in HIIT workouts… it’s not even about meal prepping, planning, & grocery shopping.  Yes, all these things are important, & they will 100% be addressed on your health journey… but they aren’t the most important concepts.

In order to have a successful health journey, address these 3 things along the way…


At the start of any health journey, you must become AWARE of your baseline foundations.  What are your current habits?  What is your biggest struggle?  Where do you need help & support most?  By taking time to identify these key points FIRST, you’ll be able to make a game plan moving forward.  That way, you’ll be working towards goals that will actually help you, versus goals you THINK you should be striving towards.  Awareness precedes change, so start here.


Once you have a clear idea of your starting point, then you can begin layering in change, but it needs to be SLOW & SMALL.  Why?  It’ll be sustainable.  Change that is fast doesn’t matter if it won’t last.  Set 1-2 small goals each week.  Build onto those goals & only add on new stuff once the first two are mastered.  This will lead to a successful journey, a more enjoyable journey, & a process that will actually help you make changes that STICK!


Finally, once you’ve solidified new habits & routines in your life, you must work on building consistency.  Rinse & repeat until it becomes a part of you.  Build a lifestyle that makes you feel good & that you can comfortably engage in each & every day.  Pro tip:  building CONSISTENCY is where you’ll want to spend most of your health journey.  Change can be relatively easy, but 3-4 months down the line, when you may typically “give up” or get bored… you’ll need to dial in & figure out how you can make those habits become routine.  You got it, but you MUST prioritize putting in the work during this phase.


Everyone’s health journey is different.  People work towards different goals & desires, but no matter what, these foundational concepts MUST be addressed if you want long-term success.

Need help getting started, check out our free FB Community – Nicole’s Nutrition Community for lots of free tools, trainings, education, recipes & support along the way.  Looking for more individualized coaching, I can help too… hit REPLY so we can chat more about you & your goals.

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