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“Before the program, I tried a lot of fad diets but nothing was sustainable. I was always feeling low on energy. I knew I wanted to make a change but was not sure of the route I needed to take. I just kept putting it off until I finally said enough is enough. I did not have a plan for daily nutrition. If it was in sight & I was hungry, I ate it.

Since starting the program I am more aware of my food choices. I have learned how to balance what foods I should pair with one another. My water intake has been consistent. I have learned so much in three months about myself and nutrition. I have gained so many tools that I know will help me reach my end goal. Overall, it’s a great investment. You cannot go wrong when you invest in yourself.”

— Jason Q.

“Before starting the program I was yo-yo-ing around with binge eating and random dieting…. for instance keto & intermittent fasting. I had no long-term success with any of them. I had plateaued in my weight loss journey and wasn’t seeing the numbers move. I had no energy nor did I feel good about myself.

Now I have more energy than ever before. Nicole is amazing!”

— Andrea T.

“I wanted to get my body working efficiently & effectively. Nicole’s professionalism, knowledge, and positivity make it very easy to succeed in this journey.”

— Mrs. D.

“I was tired of the fad diets & decided to invest in myself and learn the proper way to eat. Invest in yourself, you matter!”

— Debbie C.

“I knew I needed a customized plan that would work for me, my postpartum body, and busy lifestyle. My biggest success from this program is not giving up on myself when the day doesn’t go as planned. I used to really throw in the towel if each day wasn’t perfect. I have a new mindset and really just try and do my best every day. I know the little wins each day will create bigger wins in the long run.

Nicole is very encouraging and offers wonderful tips for success. She really knows her nutrition and works hard to tailor this experience to fit your goals.”

— Lauren S.

“Before starting the program, I was in the worst place emotionally and nutritionally. I was overwhelmed by all the changes from the pandemic and stress ate a lot. I didn’t exercise. I was in the worst shape of my life. I had no energy and I struggled with my self-confidence. I tried crash dieting, and it never worked and I always felt worse than I started. I was nearing my 30th birthday and I never thought I would be in that space so young.

Since starting the program, I plan ahead for my snacks and meals throughout the week. It’s helped my energy and my stress go down knowing I planned properly so I’m not starving or making “bad/fast” choices all the time.

Nicole is a caring, kind, fun, and motivating coach. She really makes this so individualized and helps you gain the tools you need to make changes and build habits that impact YOUR life and your lifestyle. She listens and always comes up with great suggestions and advice to keep you motivated and successful. She always comes from a positive space, even on the hard days where you may have had setbacks, she always cheers you on. She’s a wonderful resource and always professional.”

— Alex M.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Eat good. Feel good.

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