Ready, Set, Meal Prep!

by | Jan 20, 2020

Meal prepping is not just a fad.  It is one of the most essential solutions for healthy eating.  Plan now… no worries later.  If you make it a priority in your lifestyle, you will become accountable to your meals & food choices each day.

New to meal planning?  It can seem like a process at first… and even overwhelming!  No fear… take it slow and use some of these tips to get started.


Look at Your Week Ahead

Pull out your calendar and look at your upcoming week.  What do you (& your family) have going on during the week, evenings, and weekend?  For example, if you have a late meeting on Tuesday, on Monday make a double batch to guarantee leftovers for Tuesday night.  You could even freeze extras for reheating in the upcoming weeks.  Do you get off work early Wednesday?  That may be a great day to cook a couple of meals for the next couple of days for lunch and dinner.  Use YOUR SCHEDULE to plan when YOU can fit meal planning in, and you’ll be more successful!!


Assemble Your Equipment

Just like a professional athlete needs proper sporting gear and accessories to succeed, YOU need the right equipment to be able to meal prep with ease.  The more equipped you are, the easier your meal prepping journey will become.  My recommended MUST-HAVES include:

  • Slow cooker – for large batches & easy hands-off cooking
  • Spiralizer – to make zucchini or squash noodles for veggie-licious dishes
  • Set of glass Tupperware and/or mason jars – for storage & microwave safe reheating
  • Immersion blender – to make homemade soups, sauces, and salsas with easy cleanup


Take Shortcuts

Meal prepping DOES NOT need to be elaborate.  Keep it SIMPLE!  Does the thought of chopping produce make you nauseous? … then purchase all those great pre-chopped varieties to save time.  Or choose frozen, steamable produce options for quick sides.  Not a recipe lover?  Find meals with 5 or less ingredients that you can whip up easily without spending an entire day in the kitchen.  Precooked proteins like grilled chicken strips or chicken sausage can also save you time.  And don’t forget canned beans, tuna, and lentils too.


Embrace Snacking

You must plan for healthy snacks during the day too.  Good ideas include apples with peanut butter, cottage cheese with sliced turkey, Greek yogurt with sliced almonds and berries, or a tuna pack with a pear.  Make sure to pre-portion ahead into little containers and baggies to make it a “grab-n-go” morning.



The take-home message… make meal prepping work for YOU, on your schedule & using the foods and ingredients you enjoy.  Need some individualized meal prepping ideas?  Let me know – Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today by clicking HERE.  Reach out to with any questions!

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