Quarantine Eats

by | Apr 2, 2020

Is the quarantine getting you down?  Not only is it affecting your work, school, family, kids, fitness, and really ANY EVENT planned, it also is having an impact on your food & eating.  We’ve all seen the #quarantine15 out there… but don’t worry, there are still lots of healthy ways to eat and snack to get you through this crazy time.  Also, while it is a great time to support local restaurants, it is also a good time to experiment with new recipes.  Since you want to practice social distancing as much as possible, try stocking your pantry and freezer with foods that will last a while!  Here are some of my favorites to load up on during your next grocery haul…


  1. LENTILS – never ate them growing up, but love them now. So versatile to add to soups, salads, and casseroles.  An average bag costs less than $2, and you are able to cook them up for several meals.  Fun ways to try lentils… use them as the “meat” in your sloppy joes or tacos… just keep the sauce and seasonings the same and swap out the meat for lentils!
  2. GARBANZO BEANS – while you can buy dry beans, I love buying pre-cooked, canned beans to save on time. Canned products have extra salts and additives in them, so make sure to drain & RINSE the product before using it.  Garbanzo beans aka chickpeas are delicious as is, but you can also roast them to get them crunchy or blend them to make hummus.  Here’s an idea for chickpeas… mash them up with avocado and seasonings like lemon and garlic powder to make a sandwich spread similar to tuna or chicken salad.
  3. FROZEN FRUIT – unlike fresh fruit, frozen can last longer, especially when you are trying to stay home more often. Berries are perfect in smoothies and yogurt, and frozen banana and mango make for a great ice cream swap when blended.  The next time you make hot oatmeal, put the frozen berries right in and watch them thaw deliciously into your breakfast… yum!
  4. FROZEN SHRIMP – a quick-cook protein that is good with rice, pasta, veggies… really anything. Even if you forget to make dinner, shrimp can be whipped up in minutes and allow you a delicious protein to dine on!  My girls love shrimp, so whenever I make it for dinner, I always save them some for their little plates too.  Don’t like shrimp… really any seafood whether bought frozen or fresh and then frozen can be great to stock up on.  While you are at it, might as well load the freezer with chicken, ground turkey, pork tenderloin, veggie burgers, and frozen veggies too.
  5. PROTEIN BARS – always good to have grab ‘n go options even when you aren’t going to be on-the-go much! I’ve been into RXBARs and Quest bars lately, but there are other good ones like EPIC, KIND, and Oatmega too… just watch out for ADDED sugars, so read that label.
  6. DARK CHOCOLATE – …and I always have chocolate on hand too for my sweet tooth. I typically throw a handful into a yogurt parfait at night, but sometimes I just throw the handful directly in my mouth… #balance.


What are you stocking up on during the quarantine?!


Need nutritional guidance during this tough time… I’m your girl.  I always practice social distancing since my nutrition practice is 100% virtual.  Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today by clicking HERE.  Reach out to info@nicoleolenrdn.com with any questions!

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