Post-Valentine Treats

by | Feb 19, 2020

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but the chocolate is still here.  Need some inspiration on how to use up the chocolate leftovers with a healthy twist?!  Read on…

  1. Melt and drizzle over fresh fruit. I love pineapple in chocolate, but strawberries, oranges, & apples are all great too.  A little chocolate goes a long way, so make a big bowl of chopped fruit, drizzle the chocolate on top, and enjoy with a spoon.
  2. Make a trail mix. Store-bought trail mix is okay… making your own is even better.  Choose your favorite nut or two, whole-grain cereal, dried fruit, coconut shavings, air-popped popcorn, and then add a couple of chunks of chocolate… dark chocolate if you have!
  3. Add shavings to top a yogurt parfait or oatmeal. Assemble your parfait or oatmeal with crushed nuts, fresh berries, chia seeds, and even a little ground cinnamon.  For that little extra treat, shave some slivers of chocolate to top it off.
  4. Assemble homemade frozen covered bananas. Cut each banana in half, place a popsicle stick through the bottom & freeze on wax paper.  Once solid, dip each in melted chocolate & then any toppings (like nuts, coconut, or sprinkles) and then refreeze until ready to eat.

So if you have leftover chocolate, definitely try these ideas so that you can treat yourself while still making healthier choices.



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