One Tip for a Healthy Holiday

by | Dec 9, 2022

‘Tis the season to be stressed, anxious, & overwhelmed… right?!😅 Overwhelmed with how much you need to get done, overwhelmed with the stress ahead, overwhelmed with work, overwhelmed with the goals you’ve set for yourself… & the list goes on.  But here’s one tip for a healthy holiday…

First off, know that being overwhelmed is NORMAL… however, what tends to happen is that we become SO overwhelmed & stressed that we DO NOTHING. We stay the same. It’s EASIER to do nothing at all versus taking action that may be challenging.


INSTEAD, I challenge you to reframe your mindset to focus on ONE…

ONE habit at a time

ONE meal at a time

ONE workout at a time

ONE event at a time

ONE day at a time


Focusing on just ONE thing makes the road ahead less daunting & allows you to start building MOMENTUM… which leads to change! This December, take action NOW instead of waiting for the New Year. 


Who’s motivated to make ONE change as the one tip for a healthy holiday?  Hit REPLY & let me know!

Does the holiday season already have you feeling ANXIOUS?!  No sweat… if you need some extra support during this time of year, there are several ways we can work together, so let me know which you need.

If you want personalized & individual coaching, I offer my 1:1 nutrition coaching program – fill out the application by clicking HERE to get started.


And if 1:1 coaching isn’t right for you, my self-paced Nutrition Foundations program has officially launched.  You can enroll at any time & immediately gain access to the self-guided content to work through to build a solid foundation without dieting.  If you’ve been struggling, this is going to be the place to start!


And, if you’re just looking for a place for continued support, education, & a place to ask your questions, then The Inside Scoop monthly membership is where you’ll want to be!  In addition to a monthly masterclass and a monthly Q&A session, you’ll get a recipe bundle delivered to your inbox each month.  Better yet, this program is available to you at only $15/month, so grab your seat today!


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