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by | Aug 18, 2020

Did that caption get you?!  How many times have you seen a similar post or story from a friend or “influencer” claiming amazing results in a short amount of time?  Hmmm…

I’m here to tell you that at ANY TIME, you can go on the internet, find a trendy diet to follow, get tons of recipe ideas to fit said trendy diet, & discover TONS of people that SWEAR by this trendy diet!  “It’s so easy… all you have to do is eat this… just cut out this…I did it and you can too…”

Our world is flooded with quick fixes & people trying to sell you cleanses or “miracle” products, etc. – and that, unfortunately, will never change.  Spoiler alert… if there was something out there that was a true “easy fix”, EVERYONE would be doing it & EVERYONE would be successful with it FOREVER.

So, what do these diets lack? … sustainability & accountability!  As a registered dietitian nutritionist & mother, more than ever, it is my passion to help individuals build healthier lifestyles for themselves & their families, through SUSTAINABLE changes in their food & meal choices.  Through my work, I help provide the guidance & ACCOUNTABILITY to bring your goals into achievable actions for the long-haul.

Just like any changes in your life, habits aren’t built overnight.  Once again… if they were, us dietitians wouldn’t have a job, HA!  It takes WORK to make your goals a reality, but lucky for you, these changes don’t have to be hard or miserable.  With most of my clients, small tweaks can truly lead to big results.  As someone that works with a lot of parents, I find it SOO essential to model long-term healthy eating with whole foods versus your kids watching you do a short-term cleanse or trendy diet.

Take home message… DON’T do that hot diet your BFF is doing.  I promise you, there is a healthier way to get results & stay sane without cutting out any food groups, drinking a daily meal replacement, or counting calories for days on end.  IT IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.


So, are you ready to build a healthier lifestyle with all your favorite foods AND still reach your goals?  Never worked with a dietitian before?  Let me know!  Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today by clicking HERE.  Reach out to info@nicoleolenrdn.com with any questions!

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