How to Unpack Your Limiting Beliefs

by | May 26, 2021

“I know what I need to do… I just can’t get myself to do it.”

Sound familiar?  Picture this scenario…

You’ve been busy all day with work & kids.  Dinner is when you can relax… a little.  You finish your last bite of pasta.  You eat FAST because you have a lot of stuff you still need to get done tonight, plus all the kid responsibilities & chores too.  You sit back, take a deep breath & feel stuffed!  Fifteen minutes go by & you’re lying on the couch thinking how miserable you feel.  You feel ashamed of how much you ate.  You feel stressed because you are taking time away from your already busy schedule to “rest” from over-eating. You justify your actions by saying, “I had a crazy day at work, I should enjoy myself” or “Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow I’ll be 100%”… Only tomorrow comes & the same scenario happens… again.


You want to stop eating until you feel miserable.

You want to stop gaining weight.

You want stress to stop controlling your food choices.

You want to role model for your kids.

You want to feel more confident.


You KNOW you need to stop overeating, find ways to manage stress, start exercising, drink more water… but you can’t find the motivation to ACT ON IT & don’t know WHY.


You know meal plans won’t work.

You know diets don’t work.

You don’t need to “be better” or find “willpower”.

These things aren’t holding you back.


THE BELIEFS you hold about yourself, THE STORIES you tell yourself daily & The LACK OF TRUST you have in yourself to follow through on goals… these things are keeping you glued in space!


These are limiting beliefs.  The “you’re going to fail anyway” mentality is messing with your ability to GROW!  What if you learned to unpack them?  … Even IF you’ve been telling yourself this for the majority of your life? What if you learned to take small steps DAILY to combat these thoughts & change your mindset?  What if you had a plan & support to help you do this?


When you reframe your beliefs & thoughts, you no longer use food for comfort or a stress-reliever, you smile more, your clothes fit, you feel energized, you feel proud of practicing what you preach to your family, & being “healthy” becomes easy.


Remember, you don’t have to go at this alone!  MANY of my clients start with these beliefs & learn how to reframe them so that they can control their own journey while FEELING GOOD about it too!


Did this resonate with you?  Let me know your biggest takeaway!  Email me back “I BELIEVE” if you are ready to discover the ROOT CAUSE of what is holding you back.


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