How to Tell You’re Not Eating Enough

by | Nov 15, 2022

“My downfall is the evening! I’m SO GOOD earlier in the day, but I want to eat everything in sight at night!”🤪

Is this you? I hear this SO OFTEN… And the truth is, you’re not eating ENOUGH throughout the day, especially earlier in the day.

It’s easy to UNDEREAT earlier in the day because you’re busy with work, kids, school, errands, playdates, & other things that your brain is focusing on. In the evening, when you may be more relaxed, done with all the daily to-dos, & ready to unwind… then your brain finally gets the opportunity to send a big SOS.  Why?  Because you’ve been undernourished the majority of the day & are HUNGRY. So that’s where the snacking, larger portions, & feelings of guilt set in.

The solution? You MUST prioritize getting more food in earlier in the day!


You’re busy, we all are. BUT, that’s no excuse to just have a banana for breakfast or just a slice of toast & jam… it’s simply not enough for any adult. Or any kid truly (my daughters would scream at me if that’s all I gave them for breakfast🤣😬)!

Fill your plate with a balance of carbs, protein , & fat… prioritize fiber-rich choices like whole grains, fruits, & veggies throughout the day… drink enough water. Eat ENOUGH. If you are still hungry, have a little more so that you aren’t constantly thinking about food until the next meal. Start there, especially if you’re not eating enough!


Did this resonate with you? Do you struggle with eating ENOUGH?  Hit REPLY & let me know!

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