How to FEEL Your Best this Holiday Season

by | Nov 23, 2021

The holidays throw our routines out of whack.  We also tend to be more stressed, less active, & more indulgent with our eating & drinking.  Instead of falling into the all-or-nothing mentality, find consistency with the things you know make you FEEL good each day.  Be flexible with those things (as they may need to change due to the holidays) but stay consistent!  Need some help?  Check out these MUST-HAVES when it comes to feeling your best this holiday season…


Sleep is the first to go when we’re stressed & have too many things to do.  And yes, an off-night here or there isn’t going to make or break you, but if you are consistently getting less than 7 hours of sleep, you will FEEL it.  You’ll be groggy throughout the day & won’t be able to get through your to-do list.  And, when you are low on sleep, you’re more likely to get sick or feel burnout… which will put you even more behind.  So, make sure you make time for sleep – you’ll never regret it!


Especially when the weather gets colder, it is easier to drink less water.  But our bodies need it more than ever.  With my 1:1 clients, water is always addressed because it is so important for energy.  Being properly hydrated allows us to make the best food choices throughout the day & listen to our hunger cues.  Carry your water bottle around the house, in the car, running errands… everywhere!  When you see it, you’re more likely to drink from it!


I enjoy ALL the Thanksgiving day favorites, but I also make sure to prioritize eating fruits & veggies that day & week too!  Why?  They are loaded with fiber, & fiber helps us stay fuller longer between meals, helps us digest foods better (& stay regular), & allows for less bloating & less post-meal sluggishness.  So, if you want to FEEL your best & still enjoy all your favorites, make sure to balance both to get the best of both worlds!  Your brain & stomach will thank you later!


If you love to exercise, continue to do so during the holidays.  If you are traveling & can’t make it to your favorite exercise class or local gym, be flexible & change it up.  Try a YouTube workout, go for a long walk, or exercise with family.  It may not be as long as normal, but continuing to do something allows for consistency & keeps you moving forward.

These simple tasks can keep you feeling great while enjoying the holidays.  Try out these other TIPS too!

What are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving?  What are you going to prioritize to FEEL your best?  Need help getting started, check out our free FB Community – Nicole’s Nutrition Community for lots of free tools, trainings, education, recipes & support along the way.

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