Healthy Cooking Hacks

by | Aug 17, 2021

Trying to eat better?  A great place to start is making more meals IN THE HOME versus dining out.  Even if you’re making hearty meals like pasta, burgers, & pizza, you’re able to control your ingredients, portions, & cooking methods that much better.  Already cooking most meals at home?  Great!   Here are some more cooking hacks to make your time in the kitchen a little easier & make your meals a little more nutritious!  Keep reading!

  1. Double-Up on Veggies – some recipes just don’t use enough veggies in them. For casseroles, soups, & chilis, try adding EXTRA veggies to the pot.  For example, if the recipe calls for one chopped bell pepper, go for TWO!  Does your casserole call for a half cup of shredded carrots?… try one cup instead!  Or if you are making sandwiches, pizza or burgers… pile on your favorite vegetable toppings.  Toss together a serving of pasta with your favorite roasted veggies. Not only will this add a ton of nutrients & fiber to your meal, but it will help you feel full & satisfied too!
  2. Swap with Whole-Grain Products – another easy way to get more fiber into your diet is to swap your typical white or processed carbs with whole-grain or whole-wheat products. Some of the easiest swaps include bread, buns, tortillas, crackers, pasta, pizza dough, English muffins, rice, & more.  How do you identify these products in store?  Turn to the INGREDIENTS LIST and make sure the first word is WHOLE.
  3. Put your Slow Cooker to Work – one of the best time-saving kitchen hacks for a busy household! All you need is a few minutes of prep & chopping to have dinner (& leftovers) ready to go that week.  Most meals include protein, veggies & a starch… so you have everything you nutritionally want & need in the slow cooker too!  Not a fan of the slow cooker?  Use a sheet pan to cook your entire meal at once.  Ideas like chicken, green beans & potatoes or shrimp, bell peppers, & sweet potatoes are delicious & help balance your plate!
  4. Pick Out Fun Store-Bought Short Cuts – not everything has to be prepped or chopped at home. You can save a ton of time by spending a little extra money to buy pre-chopped produce.  Take a look around in your local grocery’s produce & frozen aisles.  There are lots of creative veggies like spiralized carrots & zucchini, shredded Brussels sprouts, pre-chopped salads, & riced cauliflower.  Try a few & make sure to season & flavor with your favorite herbs & spices.

What are YOUR favorite healthy cooking hacks?  I’d love to hear!  Hit REPLY to share the love!

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