Healthiest Halloween Candy

by | Oct 11, 2022

Halloween is right around the corner.  If you are already googling “Healthiest Halloween Candy” … listen up!  Remember, you do not need to “hack” the holidays to be healthy.

Too often people ask me “What should I avoid eating?” or “What should I give up to be healthy?”.  And, I always challenge them back with, “Instead of taking away, what can you ADD or ENHANCE your diet with?”

Starting with the addition of foods to fill holes & gaps is crucial!

Creating FILLING & NOURISHING meals & snacks can help you feel satisfied, less cranky, more energized, less “snacky”, more focused, & less likely to “crave foods” at night. That way, you can actually get full off your meal & then CHOOSE to have some candy for pleasure without having to stress about overeating.  Progress over perfection always!

I get it. I too feared the holidays because I knew there was going to be tons of delicious treats that I would overeat.  But, I used to avoid treats year-round (aka RESTRICTION) which LED to my feelings! Once I began incorporating my favorite foods throughout the year, the holiday treats lost their LUST. I knew I could CHOOSE to have them whenever I wanted, so I was able to find control with my food choices instead of being controlled by my food.

So, what’s the solution?

Do I keep a basket of Halloween candy year-round? No. But, I do keep ice cream & dark chocolate in the house at all times.  Those desserts are my favorites to enjoy IN ADDITION to my balanced meals filled with protein, fiber-rich carbohydrates, & healthy fats that keep me energized, full & ready to tackle the day.  Every Halloween, I enjoy making turkey, veggie & bean chili with cornbread.  It is delicious, satisfying, & keeps my family’s hunger at bay during trick-or-treating.  Then, we can enjoy all the candy without being HANGRY from the start or worrying about only eating the healthiest halloween candy.

The more we think “I shouldn’t have this” or “I’m not going to eat this”… the more likely we WILL be eating it in larger quantities than we originally wanted. Allow yourself to ENJOY the experience with family & friends.  Embrace the special moments.  And, eat the dang candy!

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