Focus on THIS for Long-Term Weight Loss

by | Mar 31, 2021

When it comes to weight loss, people tend to jump on regimens their BFF swears by, take advice from relatives, & spend hours at night googling “best diets for weight loss”… which typically leads to restricting calories, cutting out carbs, limiting “bad” foods, starting a juice cleanse, over-exercising, ignoring hunger cues, skipping meals, & following a strict “no dessert” policy.  Fast forward several months, after not seeing the results they hoped for or realizing this isn’t sustainable, people tend to feel lost, frustrated, & defeated… even more than when they started.


And the sad thing is that these types of behaviors are NORMALIZED by diet culture!  These types of behaviors can seem “okay” if a decent amount of people you know are engaging in these habits or recommending these solutions to you.  One of my newest clients told me that her DOCTOR told her she should stop snacking on fruit since she is getting older… fruit… FRUIT!  No wonder diet culture has affected & confused so many individuals trying to find SOUND ADVICE on losing weight & maintaining it!  But, I’m here to help you break through the nutrition noise.


Remember, there is no one best way to lose weight, but instead of focusing on fad diets, there are a lot of POSITIVE things to focus on for long-term weight loss.   Instead, focus on your MINDSET, attitude, behaviors & habits… things you have control of.  Aim to steer clear from food rules & instead focus on your hunger cues, eating more fruits, veggies, lean protein, & whole grains, moving more, honoring your food cravings & eating mindfully.

Your nutrition journey is all about progress over perfection.  Start SIMPLE & focus on one thing a day… focus on being 1% better each day!!  Develop strategies that fit YOUR lifestyle, find someone that can hold you accountable & always BELIEVE in yourself.  Over time, you will get there!


Are you ready to lose weight & keep it off for good?  Hit REPLY to let me know what your current goals are!  Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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