5 Ways to Avoid Feeling Guilty on Vacation

by | Aug 16, 2022

Vacations are the best… but sadly, in the past, I’d get anxious for vacations because I KNEW I’d overindulge on food, eat extra desserts, & move less.  I’d never fully ENJOY myself. I couldn’t avoid feeling GUILTY on vacation, & when the trip was over, I always felt I had to UNDO all my bad behaviors from the week.  What chaos?!  Can you relate?!

I get it, when you vacation, you typically want to take a break from your normal schedule.  You plan to explore new places, try new foods, rest, & mentally reset!  So, while you may not be able to (or want to!) commit to your exact same routine from home, it really is possible to take care of yourself & FEEL GOOD without depriving yourself of a true vacation!  Learn from my mistakes with these 5 simple tips:


Eat a protein-rich & fiber-packed breakfast with WATER.  If you’re at a hotel that offers breakfast, fill up on items like fruit, eggs, whole wheat toast or English muffins, oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, Greek yogurt, turkey bacon or sausage, & veggies.  You’ll be fully nourished & can enjoy the afternoon ahead.  Pro-tip… ensure fruits &/or veggies are a part of each meal!


It’s good to take a break from your daily routine, but it is still a good idea to PLAN ahead.  Plan which restaurants you’ll be attending.  Identify which desserts you MUST try.  Figure out the days you’ll be eating more indulgently & which days you’ll eat something more basic.  Start with smaller portions & eat more if you’re hungry.  This way, you’ll feel more in control of your choices.


Pack all your go-to snacks for the flight or car.  When we get BUSY on vacation, we forget to eat every 2-3 hours like we do at home… so if you BRING snacks, you’ll be more likely to implement them.  Have a local grocery store nearby?  Then purchase some fruits, veggies, protein bars, whole-wheat crackers, etc. when you arrive to use on your trip. Pro-tip… stay at a place with a kitchen!  You’ll save money & be able to cook at home for a couple of meals (like breakfast & lunch) & then dine out just once a day (like dinner).


Find fun ways to MOVE so that all your vacation activities don’t revolve around food.  Play catch on the beach, canoe, hike, take a run through town, do a bike tour, ski, walk the shoreline, play a round of golf, do yoga, or try a local fitness class.  The key is to try something different & have fun with friends while doing it.


While vacations offer rest & relaxation, they can still be stressful… especially when traveling with family & kids… & being crammed in a car or plane for several hours.  So, keep a few good stress management techniques on hand when you feel signs of stress creeping in.  Deep breathing, quiet time, a brisk walk, reading, or journaling can be helpful & SIMPLE to do while on vacation.



In summary, try to get off the “splurge” mentality when you go away & instead focus on all the wonderful ADDITIONS you’ll receive.  Take your healthy lifestyle with you PLUS enjoy new foods, cuisine & treats.  Also, HYDRATE often!  Water is a big one that gets overlooked & can really help you FEEL better!

Let me know which tips help you avoid feeling guilty on YOUR next vacation.


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