5 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss Success

by | Aug 31, 2021

Like most things in life, we want quick results, but fast weight loss shouldn’t be one of them.  Long-term weight loss takes TIME & effort.  If you are after a true transformation, then you must trust the process & put in the work.  But good news, you don’t have to (nor should you) go on a strict diet or intense exercise plan to get you there.  Instead, check out these 5 TIPS for lasting weight loss success

  1. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Even with the whole “calories in versus calories out” arguments you may hear, over the years I’ve learned that QUALITY of calories is where it is at! If you eat 200 calories of Oreos versus 200 calories of mixed fruit & nuts… your body is going to get much more out of the fruit & nuts even if the calories are identical.  Studies have shown that it is easier to overeat processed foods because they can be eaten more quickly & don’t produce equal satisfaction or fullness.  On the flip side, more wholesome foods are filling, satisfying, & can help balance your blood sugars while keeping your hunger in check.
  2. EAT MORE VEGGIES: Make sure your diet is filled with nutritious veggies. If you’re working on weight loss, incorporating veggies at most meals & snacks should be a must!  And before you claim you “hate all veggies” or are the world’s “pickiest eater” – it may be worth trying some new veggies, new preparation techniques, & new healthy condiments, sauces, & herbs/spices to switch it up.  If you aren’t currently eating veggies at most meals, challenge yourself to try ONE new veggie or veggie recipe each week to build up a toolbox of ideas to rotate through.
  3. CAN’T OUT EXERCISE POOR NUTRITION: Exercise is super important for improved fitness levels, mental health, & decreasing risk for heart disease, diabetes, etc. but if you are only exercising to squeeze into a new dress, you may want to switch up your approach. You want to balance healthy cardio & strength training AND balance the foods on your plate.  My advice, find movement you ENJOY so that it will be sustainable.  Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment for poor eating… try new workouts, classes, or group training sessions that feel good to your body.
  4. MAKE PEACE WITH THE SCALE: If you are someone that lets the number on the scale dictate your mood for the day… it may be a good idea to take a break from this tool. The scale is just ONE way to track progress, but understand that evaluating your energy, mood, stress levels, lab results, fit of clothing, etc. can all be ways to track progress as well.  If you must use your scale, understand that weight loss isn’t linear… throughout the week your weight will bump up & down.  Instead of focusing on daily numbers, notice trends.  If weight starts to trend upward, it is time to analyze your behaviors & habits to figure out why.
  5. REDEFINE YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT: Sometimes we get it in our heads that we need to get back to our “high school weight”… and even if that was your skinniest weight… were you happy? Are you that same person?  Do you even want those same things?  The #truth is that it’s not necessary to be the SMALLEST version of yourself to be the happiest & healthiest version of you!  So get specific with your goals & the WHY behind them so that you can be most successful on your journey.

No matter where you are on your journey, it will always take some EFFORT.  I’ve found taking a “small steps” approach works well because you can focus on mini-goals like “adding a veggie with lunch” to move you closer to your end goal without being overwhelmed.  Small successes build-up to sustainable habits which lead to lasting success.

You GOT this!  What tip are you going to start implementing this month?!  Hit REPLY… I’d love to hear your feedback!

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