4 Go-To Snacks for Holiday Shopping

by | Nov 27, 2019

While most of your holiday shopping will likely be completed behind your computer, tablet or phone this year, at some point, you will likely hit the stores in person too.  And especially if you are making a day of it, you will NEED TO PACK SNACKS to get yourself through the day.  Packing snacks will keep those “hangry” feelings away & also prevent you from hitting a McDonald’s drive thru hard.

Here are my top 4 go-to snacks for the holiday shopping season (… no lunchbox or cooler required!)…


Whole Fruit – Simple… wash and bring it with you. Bananas, apples, pears, and peaches work best.  Oranges, mandarins, and plums are great too, but you may need to bring a hand wipe to clean up after eating.  Actually, it’s a good idea to put a pack of hand or baby wipes in your glove compartment right now if you don’t have them in there!

Tuna Pouch – At around 15 grams of protein per pouch, this filling snack is a good one to keep you satisfied while on the move.  Most grocery stores carry regular as well as flavored pouches like sweet ‘n sour, lemon pepper, and chipotle.  Make sure to bring a spoon with you to scoop and eat in the car.  You can even pack a few whole grain crackers to go with it for some crunch.

Protein or Snack Bar – Looking for something that is easy to pack in your purse or pocket?  Good protein bars like RX and Epic can fill you up between meals with 12-15 grams of protein & whole food ingredients.  Other snack bars like Lara aren’t high in protein, but are loaded with whole food ingredients (mainly nuts and fruits) so can be a delicious on-the-go choice too.  And all these bars have TONS of flavors… so you are bound to find one you love!

Nuts or Seeds – Fats keep you fuller longer, and when you fuel yourself with the healthy kinds coming from nuts and seeds, you are doing your body a favor.  Whether you bring a 100-calorie pack or portion out your own baggie from a bulk bag, this is a simple and satisfying snack.  Almonds, walnuts, cashews, flax, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and more… find your favorite or make your own mixture because all are great.


So remember, as the holiday countdown continues, make sure to plan ahead and bring snacks with you as you attack the stores so you don’t go hungry.  Your waistline, wallet, and health will thank you!


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