3 Ways to Start Shifting Your Mindset for Success

by | Oct 12, 2021

Mindset is EVERYTHING on a health journey.  You must first believe in YOU before you can implement successful change.  Here are 3 ways to starting shifting your mindset in order to welcome growth in your life…

  • Don’t Strive to be PERFECT– In nutrition, there’s no such thing as perfection. The goal with food choices is to find a balance of foods that make you feel good & feel happy.  Even the healthiest of eaters eat junk food sometimes.  Allowing for “wiggle room” makes the journey more sustainable & 100x more enjoyable!  Once you start focusing on choosing foods because of how they make you FEEL, you’ll be winning.


  • Cheer Yourself On– Why is it that we can so easily call ourselves out for failures, but rarely find our voice for celebrations of our achievements? (P.S. More on WHY you aren’t a failure HERE.) Saying & thinking nasty things about yourself because you messed up with eating can be super detrimental to your self-worth.  A good way to think about it is this… would you tell someone you love, a friend or family member, that they’re not enough, that they’re a failure?  Probably not.  So why are you saying those things to yourself?  Show yourself some love.  Focus & celebrate your wins, no matter how small… this loving mindset will allow you to grow more than you’ve ever believed.


  • Ditch the Diets– Restrictive diets are the definition of “all-or-nothing” – period. For someone who tends to be very “good vs. bad” with food choices, becoming wrapped up in a new diet is 100% not the answer.  If you feel guilt & shame around food, your diet is not the right approach.  I always tell my clients, if this “diet” isn’t something you can see yourself doing forever… don’t even start!  Why?  It’s not sustainable.  Diets fail YOU, not the other way around.


Always remember, “failures” are just FEEDBACK on your journey.  You grow, pivot, & keep moving forward.  Success starts in the mind.  Make sure you believe in yourself, your food choices, & your process first, & the results will come.  I promise.

Are you ready to shift your mindset, believe in yourself, & get the results you deserve?  I got you!  Let’s make your journey successful & enjoyable while feeling properly fueled & satisfied.  Send me a DM or EMAIL to chat more about you & your goals!

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